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Drawing on many years of experience as a human being and 11+ years as a Front-end Developer, Technical Project Manager and User Experience Architect, I am most interested in the evolution of the Web, its mobility and the new ways we're using technology in our lives—as a currency of information, entertainment, services, products and social interaction. In all of these scenarios, the experience should be with people and businesses, not the machine. I'm a systemic, critical thinker with a global perspective, a great eye for detail, beauty and nuance and I love to put information in formation.

Facets and Roles:


Guiding and shielding cross functional teams through a variable process to achieve the product vision.

Strategy + Vision

Using insights and future possibilities to arrive at ideal digital solutions that people can fuse into their lives.


Building a team and leading a flexible process to recognize and assign the ideal methods for team/client understanding, build and launch.

UX Research

Insightful research across Brand, Customer/User, Industry and Culture to identify real issues, develop strategy, convey the brand-customer relationship in all touch points, align solutions with emerging media or channels and keep an eye out for brand partnerships.

Info Architecture (IA)

Crafting intuitive digital structures, navigation, features and content spaces for ease of use and memorable experiences across Web, Mobile and dedicated platforms.

Content Strategy

Planning and delivering desired content for defined user segments that serve stakeholder and customer/user goals. Devised for measurement and iteration.

Interaction Design

Always thinking beyond established patterns to devise system behaviors and information design that scale for multi-platform or multi-device products and services.


Iterate through concepts, structures, systems, interactions and experiences to suit unique project requirements, facilitate usability testing, proof-of-concept, and client-team understanding and buy-in. Final design is annotated in wireframes for developers.

Usability Testing

Testing plans, moderation, insightful analysis and reporting to validate and inform User Research, Requirements and Design.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious,
It is the source of all true art + science.
— Albert Einstein

Business Solutions | Axure Prototype
Starwood Hotels
Hotel Offers Management

Business Solutions | Concept Explorations 2010
First Data
Social Intranet

Business Solutions | Analog Personas & Scenarios 2011
Motorola Business
Discovery: Remote Field Operations

Business Solutions | Axure Prototype Gartner Research
Mobile Research Collection

Business Solutions | Pitch: Conceptual Wireframes 2011
AVON Representatives
Sales & Social Engagment

Business Solutions | Conceptual & Detailed Wireframes 2011
Royal Bank of Canada
Currency Rate Watcher

Business Solutions | Axure Prototype 2011
Air National Guard
Online Recruiting Administration

Advertising always advertises advertising.
— Marshhall McLuhan
Marketing | UX Documentation 2010
USA Website Redesign

Business Solutions | Axure Prototype 2009
AT & T
Enterprise Search; Categorized Results

Marketing | Axure Prototype 2010
H & R Block

Marketing | RIA Prototype 2009
Jones Apparel Group
Nine West & Jones New York

Marketing | UX Documentation 2009
Kraft Foods
A.1. Steakhouse

Marketing | Axure Prototypes 2009
Visual Search
& Branded Product Site

Marketing | Content Audits + Site Maps 2009
International Content Audits

Marketing | Explorations + Axure Prototype 2009
LensCrafters Reco Engine & SEO Store Locator

Marketing | Axure Prototype + Detailed Wireframes 2010
SyFy Channel
WyFy Portal & Warehouse 13

Marketing | Axure Prototype + Detailed Wireframes 2010
Extra 3pm Snackdown & NBA Sweepstakes

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
— Mark Twain
may my mind stroll about hungry, fearless, thirsty, and supple
— e e cummings


THE COFFEE SCENE : Alludes to Social Media and linking for human conection.
MEMENTO : Alludes to IA and Personas.
RIVERS + TIDES : Alludes to Temporal and Ephemeral design.
POWERS OF TEN : Alludes to macro/micro thinking in Research + Strategy.

Not taking risks is risky.
— Andrea Fratto


Conceptual Prototype
Content Strategy
Information Design

Starwood Hotels

Conceptual Prototype
Detailed Wireframes


Field Employee Personas
Internal Employee Personas
Analog / Offline Workflows

Royal Bank of Canada

Conceptual Wireframes


UX Strategy
Social Marketing Strategy
Conceptual Wireframes

Gartner Research

Conceptual Tablet Prototype
Annotated Prototype Guide
Consumption-Mode Persona Matrix

First Data

Concept Explorations

Air National Guard

Heuristic Review
User Interviews
Objectives & Requirements
Conceptual Prototype
Detailed Wireframes

US Air Force

Conceptual Prototypes
Detailed Wires

Heidrick & Struggles

Competitive Review


Navigation Study
Competitive Review

Jones New York

Annotated Wireframes
Functional Reqs + Specs
Annotated Wireframes

Kraft Foods

Sitemap + Wireframes
Interface Development Review
Functional Reqs + Specs


Feature Recommendations
Annotated Wireframes
Lens Reco Engine
SEO Store Locator


Category Search Exploration
Seasonal + Promotional Sites
Moving Calendar


International Markets Review
International Site Maps
International Content Audits


Content Maps
Site Maps
Usability Studies
Content Strategy
Content Matrix
Mobile Prototypes

Nine West

Annotated Wireframes
Functional Reqs + Specs
Annotated Wireframes


Facebook Contest Wireframes

Quaker Oats

Site Maps + Flows

SyFy Network

Warehouse 13 | Wireframes
SyFy Rebranding | WyFy Portal Page


Maps + Flows

State Farm

Annotated Wires + Protos
Community Discovery
Use Cases + Reqs
Annual IA Reviews

Sunglass Hut

UX Strategy
Wires + Proto


Heuristic Evaluation
Competitive Review


Annotated Wireframes
Reqs + Specs
Use Cases + Flows